Our COVID-19 Prevention Statement

We're taking every precaution to ensure that we keep our team safe, our products safe and minimize the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

Since Feb 2020, we have been strictly following all required measures and upgraded our warehouse facility to ensure that every team member is working safely and passing on saft and sanitised products, packagings, orders and shipments to our customers.

Our standard has not been changed and we continue to set the safest quality requirement to all our supply chain process to ensure the safety when customers are buying from Perfii.com. These processes are including but not limited to below

  1. Before making any smartwatch band products, all the mould and tool are cleaned and sanitised with an instant-kill disinfectant that kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria and nasties
  2. All our genuine leather, silicone, nylon, stainless steel and other materials are all sanitised the same way in their bulk raw form before manufacturing
  3. Once the watch bands are manufactured and assembled, they are wiped and disinfected with a clean free mist that can get into every tight spot of the products.
  4. The packaging for our products is also disinfected upon manufacturing and shipping , again once the product is placed within it.
  5. When a customer places their order, our order fulfill team (who practise social distancing along with other work mates ) sanitise their hands before and after every order is picked and packed.
  6. Once a customer's order is ready to be shipped, we will pass the order parcel to a same safe level courier contactlessly to further ensures we are doing the best we can to stop the transmitting.

As a result, the enhanced safety measures may cause the order processing times to be longer than usual, but we believe all are worth for the safety. We hope this provides a deep understanding into our measures for our existing and new customers, and truly hope that you and your family members are all safe and healthy.

Shop safe! Stay safe! - Perfii.com


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